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basically lied to regulators (unknowingl▓y)," according to the message transcript.Both accidents -- Indonesia'▓s Lion Air crash in October▓ 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines crash this March -- involved the repeated activation of a

ed at the hearing▓

▓flight control software function called MCAS, which responded to erroneous signals from a s▓ensor that measures the ▓airplane's angle of attack, wrote Muilenburg in a written testimony.When asked▓ when he learned of the messa

about delays in turn

ges, Muilenburg s▓aid, "I believe ▓it was prior to▓ the second crash." ▓It happened about two▓ years after Boeing enginee▓rs detected the potential problem. Boei▓ng took no immediate reaction,▓ and to make it wor▓se, Boeing didn't re

ing over internal me▓

port the messages to the FAA until this month.Senator Roger Wicker s▓aid those messages showed a "disturbing level of casualne▓ss and flippancy" of Boeing ▓company.In the hearing, senators expressed their dis▓may about Boeing's

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safety cultur▓e. Senator Marsha Black▓burn said it was "disc▓oncerting" that a company ▓chief attributed wrongdoin▓gs to his "lack of awareness."Also, while showing hi▓s sympathies to t▓he family members of▓ 737 Max crash victims who attended the hearing, Muilenburg only rest▓ricted his reflections to technical, instead of institutional, pr▓oblems behind the accidents.An international pane▓l of safety regulators repo▓r

scribed erratic ▓behavior of the fl

ted this month that the FAA outsourced its regulatory tasks ▓to Boeing employees fo▓r 737 Max's safety,

ight control software in a simulator

and Boeing put "undue pr▓essures" on its employees working on▓ 737 Max certification.Asked about whe

.The U.S.▓ Federal Aviation Adminis

ther Boeing supported a new legislation on the ove▓rsight process, ▓Muilenburg declined to give a clear

tration (FAA) said▓ Boeing

backin▓g. He rejected Boein▓g's "coziness with the ▓FAA" when it comes to certification.On the contrary

covered up messages made b

, Mui▓lenburg boasted in his written testimony that when the 737 Max returns to serv▓ice, it will be

y its two employees in 201

one of the safest airplanes ever to fly.Boeing once suggested the 737 Max may ▓return to service "in▓

6 ▓when a Boeing pilot told

the fourth quarter" with a best estimate, which, however, a▓ppeared unlikely. The FAA s▓aid in a recent

his co-workers that the f

statement tha▓t there was no "prescribed timeline" for ret▓urning the Boeing 737 Max ▓to passenger servi

li▓ght handling system wa

ce.Muile▓nburg will testify on Wednesday before the U.S. House of Rep▓resentatives Tra▓nsportation and

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